Below is a list of just a few of our features. Schedule a demo today to see the full list of features of our software.


You will have up to the minute access to information that’s important to you so you can manage your orders. The dashboard is updated automatically as orders are updated in the system, no need to click “refresh”, the latest, most up to date information will show on your screen.

ecommerce_64Credit Card Processing

Our solution is fully integrated with an online payment processor gateway that allows you to process credit card. This integration stores all of the credit card information in the payment processors PCI compliant data-centers, alleviating any credit card risk or liability for you.


Appraisal Assignment

When it’s time to assign an appraisal order, our system provides multiple options. From manual assignment, to round robin and location based assignment, we have all the options covered. In addition, we have built in controls to ensure that you cannot assign an order to an Appraiser that has an expired license or insurance.


comparison_chart_64Certificates of Compliance

Through the software you have the ability to customize a compliance letter for each lender company and have each letter to go out with an appraisal report. You are in complete control! Do you have a client that you don’t need to send a compliance letter to? No problem, you can turn this feature on/off as needed. Does one of your clients require very specific compliance language? Each client can use a different compliance letter to handle this.

walletAccounts Receivable

Keep track of your outstanding receivables with one simple click. Our Accounts Receivable Module allows you to quickly post payments to your orders and easily identify who owes you money. With as little as two clicks, you can generate a .pdf AR report for a client and email it out to them as a reminder!


Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable has never been easier. The Appraisal Host Appraisal Management Software platform allows you to determine your NET terms and will automatically provide detailed information on who needs to be paid and when. Do you normally run Accounts Payable on Fridays but are going on vacation next week? No problem, you can run AP before you leave with the future date!



A full featured list of reports are available to help you manage your business. From reporting on incoming and outgoing orders to profit to appraiser coverage, our reports are custom tailored to address all of your reporting needs.

email_displayGroup Mailing

With the introduction of the Group Mailing feature, you can now quickly and easily communicate with your clients or appraisers. You simply select the group you’d like to communicate with, enter in your rich text email, add an attachment if you’d like and click send. The system handles the rest.



Easy visual access to appointments that are scheduled. This is available to your clients and Appraisers as well. No more having to respond to phone calls or emails asking when the appointment is for an order.



Throughout the entire ordering process, the system automatically notifies the correct individuals. You have complete control over the content of all email notifications generated from the system. In addition, you can control who receives the notifications. Our system provides unlimited options for notifications.

our_customers_2_64Lender/Client Info

With our Appraisal Management Software you can fully customize who receives reports, invoices and status updates. Our system allows you to define this on a client by client basis so you can accomodate exactly what your clients require.


Expired License /E&O

We keep track of when an appraisers license and/or E&O will expire and proactively notify the appraisers when they need to address an expiring license or E&O insurance issue. This process is fully automated, there is nothing that you need to do to make this happen.

Watch this video to see an overview of the manager interface.