Welcome To Appraisal Host

The Appraisal Host team is comprised of a highly experienced group of appraisers and mortgage professionals that all had the same vision: an easy-to-use and fully inclusive Appraisal Management Software that is completely customizable. Before we created our own solution, we were always faxing off orders to our appraisers, emailing and calling them for status updates, and managing calls from our clients in regards to their outstanding appraisal. After years of frustration operation inefficiency we all came to the same conclusion: "there has got to be a better way." We knew the internet could be leveraged to streamline our operations and allow us to increase our orders, so we set out on a quest to find the ideal Appraisal Management Software. After months of searching, we couldn't locate any current technologies that included all of the features we needed. Furthermore, none of the other appraisal management software included the ability to customize services, and react to the ever-changing appraisal industry.



The verdict was clear: if you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. So we embarked on a mission to not only create the ideal appraisal management system for our business, but to leverage the software for ease of compatibility with other appraisal management needs across many categories of business. Appraisal management companies want to focus on what they do best: providing valuation services for homeowners and lenders. This should be performed without having to spend precious hours on manual processes, and without having to invest hours of training in new technologies.

In 2009, we launched our Beta version of the Appraisal Host software, and since have delivered some major revisions based on our feedback. We have added many other appraisal management companies, lender and appraisal companies as customers, and avid users of our products. The team at Appraisal Host continues to bring fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the appraisal management company industry. Our products require little to no previous technological knowledge, and only require one thing of you: log in and start using our system. The Appraisal Host software allows you to focus your efforts on building relationships with your customers and appraisal contractors as opposed to 'hands on" managing the process from start to finish. We look forward to keeping a close working relationship with each of our end users, and we know that you will benefit from our appraisal management system. As the industry grows and changes, The Appraisal Host will continue to modify our product to give you the most effective solutions for your appraisals.

What Our Client’s Are Saying

Appraisal Host’s software has allowed me to expand my business in ways I never thought was possible, and reduced projected costs as well.
Bryan M ,
Our favorite aspect is the ability to customize our site to best suit our needs as an AMC. We have always been met with a willingness to listen to our ideas and assistance in utilizing them while also being shown the best way to use the system to reach our goals. We are pleased with the ease of use and when we do have a need there is always someone willing to assist. They have stood behind everything they told us they could do for us and have not let us down.
We were first introduced to Appraisal Host (AH) about three years ago when we were looking for an appraisal management software to help us with our appraisal needs. The versatility of the software, user friendliness, ease of implementation as well as affordability were some of the key reasons we chose AH.
Eli P,